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The Play Bus

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The Play Bus is part of our bigger vision of reaching out to and connecting people and communities via education and different art forms as a tool for transformation. The play bus is about people. It is about all of us coming together for the future of our children and sharing experiences and finding solutions on how to support children to our best abilities.

The Play Bus is a mobile education and play centre that aims to reach children and their families in under-resourced areas all over south Africa while offering educational activities on a regular basis or in form of workshops and projects.

The Play Bus is a minibus equipped with a small library, educational games (for example wooden blocks, puzzles etc), toys and play and craft material as well as educational programs that aim to educate rural community members on health, and equip them with life skills and early childhood development.

A feature of the Play Bus is to visit schools and crèches in urban and semi-urban areas with educational programs on health prevention, life skills development and Early Childhood Development.

Proposed themes are sexual education for teenagers with the aim to prevent teenage pregnancies and HIV infections, healthy eating, and so on depending on the need of the community. For parents, workshops can be offered on themes such as how to enhance their children’s development at home, permaculture education to equip families and schools with skills to grow their own food, and arts and cultural activities to create platforms for personal and community development.

The Play Bus team uses creative means to educate and communicate, in cooperation with educators, therapists, artists, and musicians to create a relatable experience for people to connect and express themselves and their needs.Storytelling, role play and drama, craft and physical games are examples of regular activities that can be used to educate and create outlets for different communities.

The Play Bus is able to travel to rural farm communities and address the needs on the ground. It functions as a mobile education centre and can provide support and education for the children of those communities.

Each activity that the Play Bus offers is led by a mother or father in the community who will be trained to facilitate the activities, for example: soccer team leader, library and storytelling time, drama group and so on. The bus visit the community regular to share knowledge and resources, educate and equip community members as well as provide valuable team-building support for the facilitators in the community. The group leaders can then continue to classes in between the Play Bus visits.

In order to expand our activities and reach more crèches, Ecd centers, schools and communities. We need to get the play bus onto the road. Support us in this adventure and get involved. 

We need your help to make this vision com alive